Friday, 16 April 2010

Diabetes Shock

Diabetes Shock Prompts MP to Urge Tests

National Party list MP Tau Henare is urging middle-aged Maoris to get themselves tested for diabetes after revealing on his Facebook page this week he has been diagnosed with the disease.

Updating Facebook friends on his efforts to give up smoking, Mr Henare said that "was going better then I expected with the aid of Champix and remember I told you all that I had to go for a diabetes test, well that was positive so I've got diabetes, man sometimes you can't win".

Speaking to the Herald shortly after a visit to a diabetes nurse yesterday, an upbeat Mr Henare, who turns 50 this year, said he had been tested for the disease after going to his doctor for "the big Obama medical ... the whole kit and kaboodle".

That had revealed his blood pressure was up, prompting a blood test.

"Everything's okay apart from the diabetes, that's most probably because I like cakes and sweet things.

"You know, the amazing thing is I didn't even know and still don't know what the symptoms of diabetes are. That's why the blood test is so important," he posted on Facebook yesterday.

Like Polynesian and Indian people, Maori are at greater risk of developing diabetes and it is estimated that about 50 per cent of all diabetes sufferers in New Zealand go undiagnosed. The longer the disease is undetected, the greater the likelihood of complications including heart and kidney failure, eye and gum disease, loss of limbs, impotence and depression.

Mr Henare told the Herald he did not know which form of the disease he had been diagnosed with, but he has not been prescribed insulin or other medication yet "and hopefully it stays that way".

"I intend to change my diet and exercise regime and go back and have a recheck in about three or four weeks."

Mr Henare, who posted a recipe for paua cooked in cream on Facebook several days ago, said he would not be removing the prized shellfish from his diet.

"I'm not giving that up for anything, and there's no sugar in it ... I'll maybe have to give up the cream though."

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