Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Diabetic Exchange Diet

It goes without saying that the importance of good fresh food and a regular exercise routine can not be overstressed when it comes to diabetics or indeed anyone looking to maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible.

As a diabetic you may or may not be aware of something called a diabetic exchange diet.

Essentially this is a diet put forward by your doctor or health care provider that basically is designed to control both your weight and levels of sugar and cholesterol in your blood.

Normally there will be three meals and one to three snacks daily with the foods you can eat divided into six basic groups. Each group contains various different foods together with an exact portion size. With this you can decide what you want from each group knowing that the portion size, whatever, the food will be what is right for you.

Many people on a diabetic exchange diet will frequently take supplements to ensure all their nutritional requirements are being fulfilled.

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