Friday, 3 September 2010

AccuracyIimportant for Diabetes Control

Accuracy Important for Diabetes Control

Reliable blood glucose monitoring devices and a strong mentality are an important part of managing diabetes, an expert said.

Speaking at the Australian launch of Johnson and Johnson’s OneTouch Verio blood glucose monitoring system, professor of medicine and diabetes treatment at the University of Washington school of medicine in Seattle, Dr Irl Hirsch stressed the importance of having an accurate meter for measuring blood sugars.

Dr Hirsch described monitors as “one piece of the puzzle” when it comes to treating diabetes.

“I don’t think people appreciate how important the whole introduction of home blood glucose monitoring has been,” he said.

However he questioned the accuracy of many devices on the market, as the ISO standard they have to meet allows for a 20 per cent variation in accuracy.

“Glucose variability can only be accurately accessed if the data used is accurate, whether you’re using a glucose meter or a continuous glucose monitoring device.

“Is this level of accuracy good enough with our current international standards for accuracy?” he asked.

Johnson and Johnson area vice president for Australia and New Zealand, Namal Nawana said the company’s new OneTouch Verio device, which went on sale in Australia yesterday had “unsurpassed accuracy”.

Mr Nawana added the Australian developed Tri-Sure strips for the device were a world first, which allow the user to see the strip fill with blood.

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