Thursday, 18 August 2011

How Important is Activity with Diabetes?

How Important is Activity with Diabetes?

Recently, I attended a diabetic support group and the speaker talked about activity. Although, she advocated activity for every person she said it was critical for the person with diabetes. She presented us with an analogy that really stuck with me.

She told us to imagine that our clenched fist represented our muscles. When we eat carbohydrates and it breaks down to sugar it cannot penetrate the muscles when they were like the closed fist. So, the sugar stays in the blood stream causing the blood sugar to rise. However, when we move our bodies and walk or do some other kind of exercise the fist (muscles) opens up and sugar can get into the muscles. Not only does that keep the blood sugar at an acceptable level, but provides energy for us. What a deal!

Now, that was a simple explanation but it makes sense to me. I am trying to make sure that I have activity every day. She also said that our activity was equally important to our daily food intake. We will write that down and be careful with that, but then do no activity. She encouraged us to get at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. That can be broken up into ten or fifteen minute intervals if needed. But get up and get moving. Your muscles will be glad you did, but so will your blood sugar!

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