Wednesday, 7 July 2010

12 New Type 2 Diabetes Genes Uncovered

12 New Type 2 Diabetes Genes Uncovered

According to a health report published by, a research has revealed twelve new type 2 diabetes genes. The study was conducted by a consortium of researchers along with the scientists from Edinburgh University and it revealed some important genes related to the type 2 diabetes.

The research has made the researchers think that the findings will now tread the path for new diabetes treatments. The working cells in the body that produce insulin have the involvement of these new genes. With this research, the number of genes linked to type-2 diabetes has reached 38.

According to, the genes that have been found out also have some other variants that raise the risk of coronary heart disease and prostate cancer. The researchers at Oxford University were leading the research. DNA samples of more than 8,000 diabetic people were compared with 40,000 other samples by the researchers from countries like UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

According to Dr Jim Wilson, of Edinburgh University: “One very interesting finding is that the diabetes susceptibility genes also contain variants that increase the risk of unrelated diseases, including skin and prostate cancer, coronary heart disease and high cholesterol.

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