Monday, 12 July 2010

Diabetes Complications ? Know Before it Grabs You

Diabetes Complications ? Know Before it Grabs You

Diabetes is a growing concern around the world and currently developing as one of the major threats for human health with an explosive increase in the number of people diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. Approximately 29 million Americans age 20 or older have diabetes. But almost one-third even don’t know that they have the disease and are at risk for vision loss, kidney failure and increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes complications don’t just appear from one moment to the next. It is a process that accumulates itself after years of body decay. In order to combat this future state, the best way to do it is proper diet, exercises and regular blood sugar check ups.

Diabetes can damage many of the body systems leading to such serious medical complications as heart disease (heart attack, stroke) blindness (due to retinopathy) kidney damage, impotence in men, amputations from gangrene and or from damage to nerves (neuropathy).

Another major complication of diabetes is foot gangrene. It is typically caused by a combination of limb ischemia (tissue death) as the result of arterial occlusive disease, most commonly atherosclerosis, injury and poor healing, usually combined with a superimposed infection.

Ways to Prevent Diabetes Complications

To prevent diabetes complications, you need to take care of your diet first. If you have been recently diagnosed with diabetes, very likely your health, obesity level, and normal diet are not very good. Most adults diagnosed with diabetes have a very common history of eating too many harmful foods and having a very poor diet practices.

You need to take proper care of every bit of food that you put in your mouth. You need to ask yourself if that food is going to provide your body the nourishment it needs or deplete your body of its needs. You will need to follow a diet for diabetics. A good diabetic diet is a diet that is good for anyone who wants to nourish the body and have plenty of energy whether or not they have diabetes.

Regular exercises and yoga are also important part of avoiding diabetes complications. Exercise is just as important as a good diabetes diet in preventing or reversing complications of diabetes. It is also important to consider your food intake, along with your activity and its effect on your insulin.

Researches have shows that people that are having trouble keeping diabetes control often are lacking in daily exercise. On the other hand, diabetics who exercise regularly have little trouble when it comes to balancing their insulin intake and their food.

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