Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Diabetes Software – High Tech Diabetes Management Solutions

Diabetes Software – High Tech Diabetes Management Solutions

A key aspect to successfully living with diabetes is self management and diabetes software has made tracking everything to do with diabetes much simpler.

Diabetes management software helps with monitoring glucose level blood test results, tracking food intake and medication doses. Reports can by emailed to or downloaded by your medical practitioner, direct from the program, allowing them to review graphs and charts that give an instant snapshot of your condition.

With the introduction of smartphones and other handheld electronic devices the use of diabetes software does not mean diabetics need access to a computer. Diabetics can track insulin doses, keep a food and carb log , an exercise log, and record glucose meter readings quickly and easily when on the move using nothing more than their mobile phone. Many diabetes software packages contain a database of useful diabetes related information and data so everything the diabetic needs is instantly available.

Diabetic software systems have been developed in recognition of the fact that successful self management of the disease is the key to minimising complications.

Some programs offer the facility to store your tracking information online with some even offering free electronic logbook facilities.

Whether you choose to use any type of diabetes software will depend on your comfort with the use of technology, your budget and your willingness to contribute to the management of your condition. It will be worth consulting with your doctor to see if he or she has any experience of using any of the various applications and programs now offered by companies such as Bayer. It would make sense to consider using the diabetes management software that is already familiar to your doctor in order that maximum benefit can be extracted from your investment.

Anything that makes the process of self managing blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes is to be applauded and encouraged. It is no coincidence that the lowest rates of complications in diabetes are enjoyed by those who are conscientious about monitoring and controlling glucose. Diabetes software can simplify the whole record keeping process and give instant information when things go wrong. Imagine how much easier it would be for a medical practitioner treating you if he had access to your diabetes logbook if you are taken ill. Not the log book you leave at home and try to remember to update, but the log you keep on your iphone – the device that never leaves your side. Do you think this might speed up diagnosis and enable you to be offered the right treatment more quickly?

Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay and with health conditions such as diabetes, where the condition can worsen suddenly and dangerously, having up to the moment records of everything you have done to manage your condition can only improve your prognosis.

Before investing in diabetes software consider your personal requirements and comfort levels. Do you want software that works on a smartphone or Palm Pilot or similar device? Do you want to keep the data on a home computer or somewhere in the ‘cloud’ (this is a newer term to describe information that is stored on web servers owned by software providers). Do you want to be able to transmit reports to your doctor or perhaps print things off you can send or even allow your diabetes clinic access to your logs online? By being clear about what you want to achieve you’ll be able to select the most appropriate diabetes software for you and your condition.

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