Thursday, 28 October 2010

Obesity & Diabetes Increasing at Alarming Tate in UK

Obesity & Diabetes Increasing at Alarming Rate in UK

As per the recent study report released by the charity Diabetes UK, number of people suffering from obesity and diabetes are increasing at an alarming rate in the country.

The report reveals that nearly ten percent people in the country are obese while five percent of the total population is being treated for diabetes.

Surveyors also noted that there’s a strong link between type 2 diabetes and obesity and approximately 90 percent (2.5 million) of people suffering from diabetes in UK are suffering from the type 2 condition.

While commenting on study findings, Diabetes UK's director of care, information and advocacy, Simon O'Neill called the findings of the report “shocking” and “serious.”

"Once again we see a shocking rise in diabetes and obesity rates in the UK. Many, but not all, people develop type 2 diabetes because they are overweight or obese so we must keep up the mantra of five fruit and veg a day, encourage daily physical activity and warn of the potentially devastating consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle,” said O'Neill.

He added that "Failure to act now means a bleak future of spiraling NHS costs and worsening public health."

Other worrisome findings
Diabetes UK, who collected the figures from GP practices, also revealed that since last year 150000 new cases of diabetes have been registered, which is six percent rise in obesity levels in the country.

Over 2.8 million people over the age of 17 years are being treated for type 2 diabetes and about 1.1 million people are at the risk of suffering from diabetes without even being aware of it.

The obesity rate in people over 16 suffering obesity has also risen to over 5.5 million.

Timely action needed
Medical experts believe that the figures are not just shocking but are worrisome and timely government intervention is needed to successfully combat the situation.

Lack of proper treatment on time puts people with diabetes at the risk of blindness, losing limbs, and an early death, experts say.

As per Tam Fry, charity's honorary chairman as well spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, findings are troublesome because these days these lifestyle related conditions are hitting young generation.

"These figures confirm how appalling the levels of diabetes and obesity are in this country, and they would be even worse if they included children.

"Unfortunately we can expect levels to go up even if in some parts of the country obesity may be being brought under control. The fat are just getting fatter and suffering the consequences of excess weight," said Fry.

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