Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Diabetes Depression and Anger - How do You Vent?

Diabetes Depression and Anger - How do You Vent?

There are days that Type 2 diabetes gets me down. Not just down but downright mad. The anger is very real. It is known that depression is common with diabetes. Anger is often it's companion. Rather than hold it in or allow it to build and explode without control, it helps to channel the energy in healthy ways.

Here are examples of things that put me in a fowl mood:

  • I get mad because I feel diabetes is unfair or others misunderstand.
  • I get mad when I've been following the plan and still struggle with my blood sugar numbers. Little things like the weather, a cold, or my menstrual cycle can raise my numbers and present a challenge.
  • I get mad when I have to take a medication that causes my blood sugar numbers to skyrocket. Sometimes I have to take a steroid for lung problems or hives. Many people with diabetes have lung issues and experience this quandary.
  • I get mad when my A1c is much higher than I thought it would be.

When I feel that swell of anger, I personally find the following things help me channel it out in a healthy way:

  • Exercise. A fast walk or jog can help clear my head and release some of the energy from anger.
  • Breathe. Deep inhales and purposeful exhales sound so simple, it's hard to believe they can possibly be powerful. For me they are.
  • Vent. I find a place to vent where others understand. I seek out diabetes communities online where I can give a good rant among others who understand.
  • Get proactive. Get proactive and make a plan. If the issue is a bad A1c, I set a goal and map out a plan of action.
  • Hit a pinata. Yes, you read that right. I've been known to identify a pinata as diabetes and give it a few good whacks.
I'm sure you readers have some good examples of what makes you angry and how you deal with it in a healthy way.

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