Saturday, 5 March 2011

Diabetes Found to Reduce Lifespan by 6 years

Diabetes Found to Reduce Lifespan by 6 years

A new study has found that diabetes can actually reduce your lifespan greatly.

Researchers focused on diabetes patients to see what type of impact the disease would have on their lifespan.

What researchers have found is that diabetes can reduce the life expectancy of those who suffer from it by 6 years.

The study involved over 250 scientists from 25 different countries around eh world.

Developing diabetes in middle age was found to have the highest impact on your health.

Diabetes already is known to lead to heart attacks and strokes, among other health issues, all of which lead to the decreased lifespan.

Patients that develop diabetes in their middle age also are more likely to have health issues with infections, cancers, and liver or kidney problems. A large part of the health issues are unrelated to obesity which commonly are found among diabetes II sufferers.

Over 280 million people now suffer from diabetes all over the world and that number is expected to continue to grow over the upcoming decades.

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