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Diabetes Tips for the Holidays

Diabetes Tips for the Holidays

For those living with diabetes, the holidays may feel like one long forbidden buffet line. According to SSM St. Clare Health Center, in Fenton, traditional foods filled with rich, carbohydrate-laden ingredients are common. Parties and family get-togethers can disrupt carefully timed eating schedules, and travel during the holidays can mean missed meals, increased stress and less-than-optimum food choices.

Abbie Luegger, R.N. and certified diabetes educator for SSM, shares some key strategies for diabetics during the holidays with this Q&A.

Q: What are some key strategies for the holidays and eating?

A: Plan ahead for holiday meals. Decide whether you need to pack a snack if the meal is going to be later than you normally eat. Consider foods you might be tempted to eat, and create a plan on how you will stick to correct amount and portions of carbohydrates.

Q: What are some tasty, alternative foods for diabetics?

A: Tasty alternatives for diabetics might be substituting Splenda for sugar in recipes. Try recipes that use spices instead of high fat or sugar for flavor. Instead of apple pie (about 3 carb choices), have baked apples with sugar or sugar substitute (1 ½ -2 carb choices). Instead of cheesecake with strawberries (1 ½ carbs), try having 3 strawberries stuffed with cheesecake stuffing, along with a few graham cracker crumbs and a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top (1-1 ½ carbs and can be made lower in fat and calories).

Q: For those traveling, especially by air, do you have any recommendations on ways to cope both with eating and injections?

A: Work with your doctor on timing injections properly for time changes. Bring along snacks to travel with in case your flight is delayed. Carry fast-acting carbohydrates to treat low blood glucose and a glucagon kit, if needed.

Q: If one does miss a meal or gets off schedule, what are some strategies for getting back on track?

A: Missing a meal can be dangerous when on injections or some types of oral diabetes medications. Try grabbing a drink or snack while waiting on a meal. Prepare ahead of time to prevent missed meals. Planning is key to diabetes management and control.

Q: Can you talk specifically about parents of juvenile diabetes, and what strategies they can use to make eating and traveling for the holidays fun for the kids?

A: Allowing type 1 diabetics to enjoy the holidays and allowing for snacks and treats is important, especially for kids. Allowing children to eat some cookies or favorite foods is fine, as long as they are sticking within carbohydrate allotments. Make sure to bring enough insulin, testing supplies and syringes and an extra back up of insulin and insulin pumps.

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