Friday, 26 February 2010

Preventing Diabetes While You Still Can

Preventing Diabetes While You Still Can

Even with the wide range and community based awareness against diabetes, this disease is still on the rise. More people are contracting this disease every day and still a lot may not have known that they are on the verge of having one, or maybe even has it already, not until they would hear a surprising diagnosis from their doctor. Preventing diabetes starts with being aware of it's existence as well as it's symptoms so that you can take the appropriate actions.

About 10% of the current population has diabetes. And a disease that was believed to be most prevalent with older people have already made it's mark among the younger ones. For the most part, it was also believed that a person can only contract diabetes through heredity, but now, everybody can fall prey to this condition.

The causes of diabetes are brought about by an unhealthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that constitute of not only over consumption of food and alcoholic beverages, but also the lack of physical activities and exercises. That is to say, defines the average and everyday consumer - that means you.

Now that you are already aware of the possibility that you can be a candidate for contracting this condition, it is necessary to take the appropriate steps now when you still have the chance. The first thing that you should do is to lessen the intake of foods that encourage the proliferation of this disease.

Simple sugars found in chocolates, refined sugar, candy bars, fruit drinks and sodas have heavy influences on diabetes, best that you minimize partaking these. Instead drink fruit juices or eat sweet fruits if you feel the need for sugar supplements.

Lessen foods that have high-glycemic index, such as polished rice and pasta. Replace this with those that have low-glycemic index and good carbohydrates such as whole grain products, lentils, peas, fruits and vegetables. Lessen your intake of beers as this can raise your sugar blood level and cause hyperglycemia.

Active muscles use a lot glucose than muscles that are resting. With this said a good exercise should help you control your blood sugar level so as not to get you closer to contracting diabetes. There are a lot of exercises that you can, but the easiest should be walking and jogging. If you have time to spare and you want to have fun out of your physical activity, go dancing or swimming.

Preventing diabetes should not be as hard as you might think. By being aware of it's existence and the foods, and activities that fuel it, you will know how to take care of it, through proper diet and exercise.

Dorthy T. Weatherbush is an advocate of diabetics. She has relatives that have diabetes and recommends to them to follow a good Diabetic Diet. The benefits of a good Diabetic Diet cannot be spoken of too much.

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