Sunday, 14 March 2010

Bowersox on track to win American Idol

Crystal Bowersox likely to win American Idol

Even this early in season nine of American Idol, Crystal Bowersox has all but convinced most of America and the judges that she is the best of the bunch and deserves to win. Simon has already declared Bowersox the one to beat this year. But will the 24-year-old mom be sidetracked by a health problem, or will she be a fighter and not let it hold her back?

A couple of weeks ago, Bowersox had to be hospitalized for an undisclosed health problem [why all the secrecy, AI?]. The chatter on TV and online was that Bowersox was suffering from some complication related to diabetes. For the first time in the show's history, the producers shuffled that week's schedule so the men performed first, giving Bowersox an extra day to rest.

The accommodation helped - Bowersox showed up onstage the next night and performed Creedance Clearwater Revival's "Long As I Can See The Light" to raves from the audience and judges, particularly Simon, who said, "This was like the moment we realized with Kelly Clarkson that we've got a really serious artist here."

Bowersox received similar acclaim for her performance of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason" this week, cementing her position in the top 12.

If Bowersox does have diabetes, it is not necessarily an illness that can't be well-managed. Millions of people have the disease and are able to live perfectly normal lives. Take Nick Jonas for example - the young star was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2005, but he hasn't let it interfere with his musical career. Soon after his diagnosis, Jonas was giving himself insulin injections up to 12 times a day, but now he wears an insulin pump called an OmniPod on his arm. The small device makes it easier for him to test and control his blood sugar level.

For the time being, Bowersox seems to be doing fine, so there is really no reason to believe her diabetes, or whatever health problem she has (or had), will interfere with her ability to compete and win as many predict. As long as Bowersox keeps delivering stellar performances week after week, she is all but guaranteed the number one spot in May.

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