Thursday, 11 March 2010

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Daily Soda Consumption Leads to Diabetes and Heart Disease

The soda craze in the US is leading to an alarming rate of diabetes and diabetes related health concerns. Researchers blame the sugary drinks for 130,000 new cases of diabetes in a ten year span. They also attribute all types of sugar sweetened beverages to at least 14,000 new cases of heart disease.

The new research was presented at the American Heart Association’s 50th annual conference. Researchers at the University of California evaluated data gathered on adults over the age of 35 between 1990 and 2000. The findings attribute more than 300 million dollars in healthcare costs can be directly related to the consumption of these sugary beverages.

Litsa Lambrakos who led the study, states there is a direct correlation between the daily consumption of these high sugar drinks and diabetes. The study provides the evidence Americans need to realize the health risks associated with their favorite drinks.

Obesity has also been linked to high-sugar drinks including fruit drinks and sport drinks that are more sugar than actual fruit juice. Each sugar filled drink is packed with approximately 200 calories. In an effort to curb the high consumption rate, lawmakers are proposing a tax on these particular sugar flavored drinks.

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