Saturday, 12 June 2010

Diabetes and Depression

Diabetes and Depression - Spotting the Signs

Are those plagued with Type 2 diabetes at greater risk for depression? Though there is no easy way to answer this, the clear cut consensus is: yes. Though, most folks with the disease do not have depression, studies do show that there is risk association involved. Scientific evidence points to additional stress that comes with diabetes, and it is possible to feel alienated if friends or family are unsympathetic, or simply do not understand. Diabetes, though manageable, can certainly put life into perspective. It can be a jolt of realization that a good diet and exercise are no longer preferred, but instead mandatory.

Poor diabetes management can showcase symptoms that mimic those of depression. Everyone has occasional ‘bad days’, but if life feels absolutely hopeless, it is imperative to see your doctor immediately. They can determine basics during a consultation, and if all signs point to depression, they can recommend further treatment.

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