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Effectively Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Effectively Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Effectively managing type 2 diabetes is imperative since most people know there is no cure for diabetes. Given that we are now a decade into the 2000’s this may seem like a failing, that the Medical Researchers and doctors haven’t yet come up with an absolute cure for diabetes, especially when you consider the degree to which diabetes is becoming a problem around the world.

However the word cure is probably a little off putting, because whilst it may be technically true that no diabetic will ever be cured of the disease, it can reach a stage where for all intents and purposes, you can be ‘cured’ meaning that your blood sugars become consistently within the normal range, and you are completely symptom free, and require no medication or insulin. That’s the ideal goal for all type 2 diabetics. There are several well respected and proven methods advocated as to how best to achieve (as close as possible) this goal.

To begin effectively managing Type 2 diabetes, you should begin by visiting your doctor, finding out as much as you can about diabetes, ensuring you understand what led to it, and knowing how your body is best able to respond to the measures you decide to put into place to control your type 2 diabetes. All diabetes management begins with controlling the glucose cycle.

Diabetes is effectively the inability by your body to deal with the glucose that enters your bloodstream from the foods you digest. Normally this glucose would be dealt with by your body’s insulin, and the blood glucose levels would then normalize. However in diabetics this becomes difficult due to either poor insulin productivity, or insulin sensitivity, consequently your body cannot get rid of the glucose in the blood effectively. Over time this constant high blood sugar levels damages nerves, and vital organs, often resulting in adverse health problems like stroke, kidney damage, blindness, and loss of circulation and feeling in extremities, (leading to possible amputation)

It, therefore becomes imperative for managing type 2 diabetes to control the production of glucose in the body through careful choice of the correct foods (Low glycemic index foods) as well as the consumption of the glucose by the body, hence why regular exercise is strongly advocated for type 2 diabetics, as this helps to burn up the available glucose in the bloodstream.

Proper type 2 diabetes management often requires a complete lifestyle change and this in turn can require frequent, sometimes multi-daily checks of glucose in the blood. This is often achieved with the use of a personal blood glucose meter. Glucose meters are readily available and are quite easy to use with a little practice and patience. A prick to a finger and a drop of blood will reveal whether or not the user know requires a dose of insulin.

Managing type 2 diabetes is essential to minimize the damage high blood sugar can do to your body. It’s not rocket science, but from the time become diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, it becomes important to take a concerted and focussed awareness of most things you eat and do in life. Having type 2 diabetes is definitely a life changing disease, but it needn’t be a life sentence, because it really does provide the opportunity for you to start living a healthy, fulfilling life. If you want to get on top of your type 2 diabetes naturally, there are natural ways to control and normalize your blood sugar levels that definitely work.

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