Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Food Items that Aggravate and Control Diabetes

Food Items that Aggravate and Control Diabetes

A recently conducted study has revealed the food items to consume and to avoid in order to prevent the development of diabetes as well as preventing the disease completely. The research study has been conducted by a group of researchers from the American Diabetes Association of Harvard Medical School.

Making certain lifestyle and dietary changes can help keep a tab on the development of diabetes. The report also suggested that regular workout also helps to control the blood sugar.

Foods which may help cut down its development are citrus fruits, onions and cinnamon which may help regulate insulin activity, oatmeal cereal which helps control blood sugar and fat free dairy which helps cut down food cravings. The researchers said that diabetic patients should continue the balanced diet which is recommended for overall healthy living however, they should watch out for their weight, cholesterol level and blood sugar.

In addition, they said that consuming fiber-rich foods are essential as they slow down the digestion process thus making the patients feel fuller for longer periods.

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