Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Medicine Alone Can't Control Diabetes

'Medicine Alone Can't Control Diabetes

Landmark Group vice-president Renuka Jagtiani joined hundreds of Bangaloreans who hit the road to spread awareness about diabetes. She is one of the key organizers of The Times of India and Lifestyle `Beat Diabetes' walkathon and has organized similar walkathons in West Asia as well. Renuka shared her ideas about why Landmark Group chose to focus on the issue. Excerpts from an interview:

Do you think walking can control diabetes?

Yes it can. We have checked with doctors and realized that medicine alone cannot control it. One has to exercise regularly. Simple activities like walking and swimming help keep metabolism rate high and control diabetes.

Why did you choose diabetes for your corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaign?

Both India and West Asia have very high incidence of diabetics. India, with 70 million affected, is the diabetes capital of the world.

How was your campaign in West Asia?

In Dubai, where we organized the event for the second time this year, around 7,000 people took part, many of whom were children. Cricketer Wasim Akram, a diabetic himself, also participated. We want more kids to walk. I am thrilled to see so many Bangaloreans taking part in the walkathon.

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