Monday, 8 November 2010

Talk To Raise Awareness On Diabetes

Talk To Raise Awareness On Diabetes

In a bid to raise public awareness on diabetes, the number three killer disease in Brunei, a talk was held by the Diabetic Support Group of the Suri Seri Begawan Hospital yesterday. Saadiah Hj Mohadi, the nursing officer at the Physician Clinic, who was also the speaker, said that it was imperative for the public to understand the symptoms of diabetes and what were the risks posed by the illness.

"People need to know what are the causes of diabetes, and we also want them to understand what to do if they have diabetes," she said.

According to the nursing officer, hypertension and diabetes are like sisters, and very frequently come hand-in-hand.

"People who have hypertension are more prone to getting diabetes, and likewise, diabetes patients are also at risk of having hypertension."

Saadiah also said that families with a history of diabetes must also be extra careful, likewise with people suffering from obesity.

Asked what should diabetes patients do to alleviate the symptoms caused by diabetes, the nursing officer said that while diabetes was incurable, the patients were encouraged to follow a strict diabetic diet to help reduce the effects of diabetes.

"All these are being done in order to delay the complications, which can be really harmful for the patients," she said.

There are many complications that diabetes patients may suffer from, including heart problems, blindness, kidney damage, nerve damage, and even amputation.

The hospital recently conducted two such operations (amputation) on diabetic patients.

The aim of the talk was to educate the public of the harmful effects that diabetes can cause, and that the best way to prevent the illness is to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

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